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Cloud-native tech

Easily deploy to any cloud platform with the power of Kubernetes + Helm.
Simple. Define deployments from one well-commented file.
Deploy yourself or get a managed instance.
DNS servers can live inside your network or in the cloud.
Portable. Run anywhere from your PC, to the Cloud, to your own infrastructure.

Easy management

Deploy the user-friendly admin dashboard to manage domains, users, and other data.
Verify newly detected sites, add from external sources or the central database.
Analyze potentially dangerous or objectionable sites without opening them yourself, view crawl data.
View anonymous usage data to detect false positives.
Browse and export user data and survey results.

Keep up with the web

Discover and classify unknown sites as they're visited to provide the best filtering.
Categorize websites and check them for adult content or CSAM material.
Flexible configuration for the best bang for your buck.
Handle even complex javascript-rendered sites.
Train your own machine learning model from the comfort of the UI, use ours, or use our crawl results.


Flexible, user-friendly screentime features for families.
Supports timetables, timers, and overrides.
Block individual apps and categories, not just internet.
Hosted web dashboard, accessible even when internet is blocked.
Terminate existing connections when screentime runs out with IP-level blocking.

Browsing History

Provide customers with detailed browsing history, including which DNS lookups have been blocked, allowed, or redirected.
Retain data for 90 days or when deleted by users.
Email alerts for blocked content (including other alert types).
Adjustable privacy level (including no logging).
Speedy usage queries.

Flexible blocking

Our technology works for mobile devices, an entire home network, or even individual devices on a LAN.
Supports corporate, home, and cg-nat networks.
Encrypted DNS for mobile devices.

Batteries-included monitoring

Grafana dashboards for monitoring included.

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