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Should I keep my existing modem or purchase a Good Source modem?

We offer 2 modem options when changing to The Good Source:

Option 1 - BYO (Bring your own) modem:

  • In most circumstances you''ll be able to use your existing fibre-capable modem with The Good Source.
  • However, please note that you may be required to login to the modem admin panel and change some settings for it to work correctly.
  • Our support team will do our best to help you, however we're unable to guarantee that your modem will work.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you use your own modem, then The Good Source settings will apply to any device that connects to your network. All devices will be subject to your dashboard settings, and you won't be able to control individual devices.

Option 2 - Purchase a Good Source modem ($195 incl shipping):

  • For the best experience, we recommend purchasing one of our high-end Wifi 6 modems.
  • Simply plug the modem in, add it to your dashboard and you're away!
  • The Good Source modem will also allow you to customise the internet experience and reporting for EACH connected device. This means that you can have different settings for different devices and see individualised reporting per device.
Why should I change to The Good Source?

The Good Source is currently the only ISP (Internet Service Provider) in NZ (and possibly the world!) that's choosing to prioritise children's safety, by providing technology that blocks harmful online content from the source, meaning that you don't need to install any software, download any apps or configure any settings.

You get this protection by simply changing your internet provider.

The Good Source also provides a range of free tools (as part of your broadband package) to help parents & caregivers navigate the digital world, including notification alerts, screen time management, activity reporting & customisable website blocking.

Ready to make the switch? Get started by filling out this form.

How easy is it to switch to The Good Source?

Pretty easy! In most cases we can switch you over in 1 - 3 working days.

If you're keen to make the switch from your existing internet provider to The Good Source, simply fill out this form.

  • Once you've completed the form, our team will check that we can provide services to your location.
  • Next, we'll send you an email confirming the date of the change-over (or date of install if it's a new connection).
  • If you've purchased one of our new modems, we'll send one out to you and all you have to do is plug it in on the date of connection.
  • If you're keeping your existing modem then we'll send you some instructions as you may need to change some settings on the day of change-over.

Our support team is always on hand if you have any questions or need some extra assistance.

Do you provide a modem?

When switching to The Good Source, you're either able to bring your own modem or you can purchase one of our high quality Wifi6 modems for $195 incl delivery. This will provide the optimum internet experience with the ability to also customise individual device access.

The Good Source modem is the GL.iNet GL-AX1800(Flint) WiFi 6 Router

Can I keep my existing modem? (BYO modem)

In most cases, you are able to use your own modem, but please note you may need make some changes to your modem settings. Also, we may not be able to offer remote troubleshooting assistance if you use your own modem, and you may not be able to customise individual filtering settings on a per device basis.

For the best experience we would recommend purchasing one of The Good Source modems.

Do you offer landlines / homelines?

Our focus is to provide the best internet experience with great tools to help keep families safer online. At this stage, we offer fast, reliable & secure broadband only. We don't currently offer landline services.

What does filtering at the source mean?

The Good Source is an internet provider that filters out harmful content on our servers before delivering the internet to your modem.

The good news, is that any device that connects to your wi-fi will be protected instantly.

Note: The filtering is open and transparent, you have the ability to see what content has been blocked and why within your dashboard.

What content gets blocked?

The Good Source protects your family against websites containing:

  • Violent extremism
  • Phishing and malware
  • Pornography & child sexual abuse material (csam)

You can also select from 50+ other categories you want to block:

  • Gambling, social media, ads, tracking, games, streaming, suicide, self-harm and other platforms.

The technology is continually maintained, with comprehensive filtering and security features. The filtering uses AI to continuously find and add inappropriate domains to block. The filtering occurs that three layers, TLDs, domains and sub domains. 

No technology can currently 100% stop harmful content, but The Good Source stops mainstream sites where kids surf most.

Will specific content be blocked from within an app like Instagram or Twitter?

User generated content within social media platforms will not be detected and filtered/blocked. However there are some social media platforms starting to release built-in parental controls  such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok that allow parents to blur or block explicit content within the platform itself.

The Good Source also comes with features that allow you to block or limit time on specific social media platforms such as Clubhouse, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr, & Twitter. Links from within social media platforms to domains containing inappropriate content will also be blocked.

How does filtering with Youtube work?

YouTube is the world’s biggest video media platform with lots of quality educational content available . However, anyone can upload videos under the YouTube guidelines and unfortunately, lots of inappropriate content does fall through unnoticed. Google (the company which owns YouTube) has implemented restriction features. YouTube periodically also responds to users flagging content as inappropriate.

There are various steps you can take to make YouTube safer for your child. The Good Source provides the ability to filter content within YouTube or block YouTube altogether.

If you choose to filter YouTube then you have the ability to select either moderate or strict filtering on YouTube:

Strict —This setting is the most restrictive, but it doesn’t block all videos. Filters out many videos based on an automated system, while leaving some videos available for viewing.
Moderate —This setting is similar to Strict , but makes a much larger collection of videos available

We would recommend based on experience that the ‘moderate’ setting is the most manageable for families. ​

Please be aware that the YouTube Shorts (live-streaming) feature and YouTube Ads both aren’t affected by the filtering and can show inappropriate content even with filtering switched on.

If you have a very young child that uses YouTube, you can remove the YouTube app and replace it with either the YouTube Kids app or SafeVision app. This helps provide a much safer sandbox environment for your younger children where parents pre-select only the content (YouTube videos) they’re allowed to watch. Both have pins feature if parents want to add more videos and can be cast to a TV. The SafeVision app also displays recommendations for other parents and doesn’t show any ads.

Will The Good Source block content that shouldn’t be?

The Good Source uses some of the the smartest technology in the world to categorise the web. So it's unlikely anything will be blocked that shouldn't be.

However, inevitably no Internet filter will be 100% correct all the time, therefore we use an automated process for misclassifications using machine learning followed with a manual review.

If you do come across a domain that should not be blocked then you can contact support@thegoodsource.co.nz and let us know so that we can rectify it.

How does The Good Source protect against censorship and overreach?

To best protect against censorship, while providing a safety net, we have the following principles:

Transparency and openness:

  • Open and transparent about how all websites are categorised
  • Users can vote on any part of the system (from new categories to decisions around every website classification)
  • Where anyone can view a history of the reasons for classification

This ensures the content is neutral and without bias.

I live rural and have a dish for my internet, can I use The Good Source for my internet?

The Good source only provides internet over Fibre at the moment.

How fast is the internet?

Our Fibre plans are super fast! 

The average speed for our $99 monthly plan is 309Mbps down and 110Mbps up.

The average speed for our $129 monthly plan is 842Mbps down and 502Mbps up.

Do I need to setup anything in my Home?

No, the filtering is done on The Good Source server before it gets to your modem.

If you want additional control you can sign into the dashboard to control specific categories, view reports about your families internet habits and setup email alerts.

Do I still need anti virus software?

The Good Source will  provide an extra line of defence by blocking:
●  Known hacked or infected websites
●  Websites about hacking, dark web, and other illegal activity (if you want)

Yes, you will still need anti-virus software to perform local scans for viruses. We recommend all devices have up to date software installed such as eset security software.

Does the filtering cover all the devices in my home including X Box, Smart TV and Phones?

Yes the filtering is done at the ISP level before it gets to your modem so anything that connects to your wifi is covered.

I’m not technical, does the filtering work without any setup on the Modem?

The filtering works with no setup required! It is done at the Internet Service provider on our servers before it gets to your modem.

If you want further controls like categories turned on and off and accountability reporting then you can sign into the web dashboard to customise this.

Can I limit my kids time on the internet and setup curfew’s etc?

Yes, this can be done through the dashboard for individual devices.

Does the filtering slow down my internet?

No. The Good Source will not interfere with your internet speeds. We use intelligent firewalls with sufficient throughput to ensure your internet speed is unaffected.

How reliable is the internet?

Our internet is powered by New Zealand's biggest wholesale internet service provider. Their carrier-grade network delivers broadband connectivity to tens of thousands of residential and business customers across New Zealand including Nova and Contact Energy. You can rely on it.

Can I get alerts if my children are trying to access inappropriate content?

Yes, You can also see what search pages have been blocked through the dashboard.

How hard is it to get around the filtering?

A filtered internet is just one step in the process to protecting families from harmful content online. Inappropriate content can still be accessed through domains that have not been blocked such as instagram and other places. We recommend a holistic approach to protecting families online including having discussions and developing strategies before the content is encountered.

The pornography, csam and violence extremism categories cannot be turned off. All other categories can be turned on and off through the dashboard.

Can I turn off the filtering?

Yes, you will have access to a dashboard where you can manage all categories and specific website addresses that can be allowed or disallowed.
All except the pornography, csam and violence extremism categories that cannot be turned off.

Does The Good Source protect my devices from viruses and other malware?

The Good Source by default will block a large list of known malware websites where you might risk downloading a virus, getting scammed or phished. But The Good Source cannot scan your device or remove pre-existing malware. We recommend keeping your device up-to-date and using an antivirus solution if appropriate.

Do I risk my family’s online privacy by using The Good Source?

Absolutely not. We take strides to collect the least amount of data possible and we will never sell your data.

What are the different Privacy options?

You can tailor the privacy by selecting from 3 options:

1. Full logging of all web traffic (stored for 3 months)
2. Summary information - category names of web traffic (stored for 3 months)
3. No logging of web traffic

We take strides to collect the least amount of data possible and we will never sell your data. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Can I still stream everything? What if someone tries to watch an R rated movie?

The filtering will still allow movies to be streamed so discretion will still need to be applied. You can set the category filter to not allow a streaming platform such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, Sky Go and Neon. This will block the specific platform completely or for a period of time.

I've changed my email address. How do I update my new email address to login to the dashboard?

Please contact us at support@thegoodsource.net and let us know your new email address and we'll be able to update that for you. Please note that you  will also need to update  your own email address in the email  alerts section  from within your dashboard.

Still have questions?

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