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The vision...

3 dads, we have kids
we have seen the damage that pornography and screen time can do to individuals & families.

We want to be good dads. (Good Father principle).
Repsonsible for protecting your family? How do we do this? on the internet?

Bad content (dark stuff)
If someone came into my street with bad stuff, I'd protect them?
Same applies for the internet - what tools do we have?

Continuing to work on this? FUture.... more on social...

Do you know what your kids are doing on their phones or laptops or tablets?
There's no limits on the internet.
How much time are they spending?

- peace of mind
get some reporting
block things you think are inappripriate
screentime management

You're blocking porn...too much control? Humanatarian approach... sex trafficking etc....What's the damage of porn. We believe porn is bad and supports sex trafficking.

What can we do to protect our families?

There's more to life than the internet! Good old days, being outside... seeing our kids being robbed of this because the 'mobile applications' ability to hold our kids attention.

The problem is that there are no boundaries or a framework to support having positive conversations.

We are responsible for our kids.
We desire a Balanced life.

We can't blame the internet! And we can't wrap our kids in cotton wool and ban them from using the internet.

However, It's difficult to find tools that help us to manage this...
Innocence is taken - the balance in life is not met.
Life is fast and busy so we can't monitor everything.

The good Source helps us manage this and provide some accountability & protection...

We want to make a change in the world for good internet.

WE NEED 1000 connection in 6 months

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We want to take responsibility for how our kids access & use the internet.
you can't manage what you can't measure..